Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why Live?

Someone asked me why is this life worth living. It wasn't just like any normal conversation we have had before in messenger. I didn't need to hear the entire reason why this was brought up. I knew at that very moment that there was something wrong that day.

I've read a lot of articles about how to have meaningful life or how to make our stay here on earth worth it. There could be thousands of ideas human minds could come up with. But when I tried searching for blogs that tell a thing or two about why we actually need to care about making this life worth spending, I found few.

Suddenly I was like on the hot seat. I cannot describe that time when I was just staring at those words without the least idea of anything I should say. My friend logged out with that question left hanging.

Thank God a church mate who happened to be online told me how I should be handling situations such as this. When somebody tells you that he or she's done with life and you're concern on that person, would you still be able to refuse to answer and just drop the topic?

I prayed and asked God for His guidance and protection for my friend. This reminded me not to stop interceding for people by the way. Then I recalled those time when I have at least my own thought about life and how God showed me His unfathomable love for everyone.

I didn't have an exact answer for the why question but I had to give the idea how much ones life weighs. All I know is that Jesus won't die on that cross of calvary for nothing. He won't be healing the sick and get a dead man back to life without reason. He won't prepare His disciples if He wasn't concern enough not just with people during His time but for those who would come after He's physically gone. When He demonstrated His love, He made known to man his value.

At the same time, knowing our purpose could answer the very reason why we're here. And having the idea where our journey should head, we can then follow the trail until it ends. When we know our destiny that needs to be fulfilled, we'd realize that this life is more than just today as how we see it. And time comes that life itself will tell more a lot about the future that would answer why this life is worth living after all.

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